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We’ve got an allotment

Andover town council first got in touch with me at the end of April, I was next on the list to be offered an allotment at The Drove site in Andover, barely a quarter of a mile from home, positionally it was the best site in Andover for us.

Later that day Carol and I took a drive down there, in an effort to find our patch, it took a little time, but we soon found plot 62A. We had inherited a rickety shed, some beds overgrown but enclosed by decking timber, and a compost bin or two.

A bare canvas they call it

It was obvious that the plot had been abandoned for some months if not close on a year, covered in 18″ high grass, dandelions and numerous other weeds, getting that lot under control would be a hard task for even an accomplished gardener.

We had both made our minds up, but still went through the pretence of talking it over, we both knew we would take it on though.

I have always lived by the philosophy that if you don’t ask you don’t get, so the following day I spoke to the person in charge at the council and asked if they could help clear the ground, I did ask that not only could the grass and weeds be strimmed, but also for the top to be stripped, leaving us a bare canvas.

A few days later we received confirmation that the council would clear the weeds and take the rubbish away, they could not however strip off the top couple of inches.

The patch was ours!.