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Wolf Cultivator

I am a great fan of the Wolf multi-change tools, instead of trying to carry three or four different tools to the plot all with handles you carry one handle and a couple of heads.

The Wolf cultivator speeds up the process of breaking down the soil after forking the soil, probably by as much as half, it will even produce a tilth fit to sow into in no time at all.

The cultivator comes in three sizes, the two smaller ones have prongs, the largest has a small blade on the end of each prong, and is ideal for breaking up bigger lumps, and cutting weeds off in their prime.

You will probably say that Wolf tools are expensive, and that may be true, but they come with a lifetime guarantee, and the largest is around £25.99

I use the medium size cultivator straight after forking ground over, I find it good for tilling the soil to a depth of three inches, in doing so it will also pull those stringy weed roots to the surface, and the larger stones, which can be picked out, unlike a rake however you tend not to pull all the stones and large clumps of earth toward you.

The smallest of the cultivators is good for getting in between plants, to loosen weeds, and expose their roots to the sun, it can also be used as a hand tool with a shorter handle for flower beds.